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Viking Nordic Food and Beverages bibliography

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Books and Articles:

(Anon) Koge bog: indeholdendis et hundrede fornødene stycker. Wormianum: Aarhuus, 1966 (2nd edition, 2009).

(Anon) Oeconomia nova paa Danske med andre hosføyede Tractater. Based on earlier publications by Caspar Jugel, Girolamo Ruscelli, Alessio, Valentin Boltz, Hans Rasmussen Bloch, Poul Iversen Colding, and Anna Wecker.

(Anon) Een lijten kockebook, hwarvthinnan beskrijfwes, huruledes man allahanda spijs wäl koka och tilrätta kan. Nyttigh för them som gärna... Meurer, 1650.
(Swedens first true cookbook),1

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February 2016 Journal of Archaeological Science 66:169-180 DOI: 10.1016/j.jas.2016.01.008

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Brooks, Craig. Eat like a Viking! Volume 2: A guide to Anglo Saxon & Viking age food & drink, 2021.

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See also website at

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See also website at

Larsen, Henning, ed. An Old Icelandic Medical Miscellany: Ms. Royal Irish Academy 23 D 43, with Supplement from Ms. Trinity College (Dublin) L-2-27. Royal Irish Academy. Oslo: Det Norske Videnskaps-Akademi i Oslo, 1931. [Codex D of the Harpestreng cookbooks]

Magnus, Olaus. A Description of the Northern Peoples 1555. English. (Translated from: Olaus Magnus. Historia de Gentibus Septentrionalibus. 1555. Latin). Hakluyt Society, 1998. (Vol. 1) (Vol. 2) (Vol. 3)

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Also see website at

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See also website at

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See also website at

Verberg, Susan. Scandinavian Yeast Rings: the Curious Case of the Twisted Torus. Brewery History Society. Brewery History 178, 2019.

Wahlund, Erik. En Gammal Svensk Kokbok från år 1650, Bokförlaget Fabel: 1962 (reprinted 1990).

Weckerin (Wecker), Anna. En artig oc meget nyttelig Kogebog (A Good and Very Useful Cookbook). Peter Hase, Kiobenhassn (Copenhagen), 1648. Reprinted in part from German Anna Weckerin’s New kostlich und Nutzliches Kochbuch (1620) as well as in part from the Danish 1616 Koge Bog (for more info, see Holloway, 2011).

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ONLINE resources

(anon) Koge Bog: Indeholdendis et hundrede fornødene stycker etc. Kiøbenhaffn (Copenhagen): Aff Salomone Sartorio, 1616 (First printed Nordic cookbook). (transcription) (transcription and translation) (fascimile; scan of the 1625 edition)

The Archaeology Data Service of the UK. A selected bibliography of publications by the ADS, or directly concerning the ADS and its projects.

Brewing Classical Styles: Meadowsweet in Archaeology.

Byock, Jesse L. UCLA Scandinavian Section.

Cornell, Martyn. How to brew like a medieval knight (also found as “How to Brew Like an Anglo-Norman Knight”).

Dineley, Merryn. Ancient Malt and Ale.

EXARC Youtube Channel:
How to Brew Beer with Mashing-in Techniques (Merryn & Graham Dineley)
Brewing Viking Stone Beer (Susan Verberg)
Washed Comb Mead (Susan Verberg)

Fotevikensmuseum: Viking food.

Garshol, Lars Marius. Mead: a Norwegian tradition?

Gloning, Thomas. Institut für Germanistik. The Harpenstreng (Harpenstraeng) Codices.
Mittelniederdeutsches Kochbuch (15th century) - Recipes 56 to 71 belong to the Harpestraeng cookbook.
The socalled Harpestreng cookbook (13th century), Codex K. (facsimile)
The socalled Harpestreng cookbook (13th century), Codex Q.

Hurstwic: Daily living - Food and Diet.

Kornolfestival 2020, streamed live via Youtube. Part 1 Part 2

Medieval Cookery - eTexts

Newbury, Jennifer A. Medieval and Anglo Saxon Recipes. All from The British Museum Cookbook by Michelle Berriedale-Johnson, 1987, British Museum Publications.

National Museum of Denmark: Viking Age Food.

Nordic Food Lab.

Notaker, Henry. Old Cookbooks and Food History.

Regia Anglorum - reenacting group from Europe.

Saga Database: Welcome to the Icelandic Saga Database.

Science Norway: What did the Vikings really eat.

Scott, Russell. Viking Food. BBC (archived page).

Verberg, Susan. Medieval Mead and Beer: Blaand – Seeing Whey in a New Old Way.
Iron Age stone brewing demonstration.

Viking Society Web Publications. Free publications from 1893 to recent.

Ward, Christine. Viking Answer Lady.

York Archaeology

SCA sources:

Holloway, Jhoanna (SCA). Medieval and Renaissance Cookery, Cookbooks, and Foods from Scandinavia.

Priest-Dorman, Carolyn (SCA). Archaeological Finds of Ninth- and Tenth-Century Viking Foodstuffs.

Reynolds, Caleb (SCA). What the Norse Greenlanders ate.

Stefan's Florilegium - an online depository of SCA resources: an Icelandic Feast.

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